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College Preaching

Youth Preaching -“Preventing unguided youth from getting misguided”.

ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) is the youth wing in every center of International Society for Krishna Consciousness.Srila Prabhupada wanted young Indians to take up Krishna consciousness very seriously in their own lives and help to spread it all over India, fulfilling the order of Lord Caitanya. Devotees preach to establish a class of spiritually strong youth who are genuine practitioner and representatives of the most exalted philosophy given in Bhagwat Geeta by Lord Krishna.IYF aims at imparting strong character among the youths and inspires them to live a God centered life of purity and dedication for the service of entire humanity.

IYF has following objectives:
1. Saving youth from self-destructive habits.
2. Use all the available talents for propagating message of the Vedas.
4. Presenting spirituality as a Science.
5. Creating Leaders of Tomorrow.

IYF organizes and runs festivals, retreats, music, dramas, discussions, presentations, debates, and more, to spread the message of Krishna Consciousness to youth. College preaching is one of the most effective and booming preaching program of ISKCON. College preaching is conducted not only in haridwar, but in various other cities like Dehradun, Roorkee, Pantnagar etc etc. as well. Programs are conducted in the colleges as well as outside college campuses for the students. We follow the methodology of Youth preaching practiced in Pune temple, applied according to the situation here. The youth here in Uttrakahand respond very well to our preaching. For the students who are interested in practicing Krishna consciousness seriously, we have our own hired hostels, which are located near the colleges, where the students can live and practice Krishna consciousness, while simultaneously pursuing their studies. These centers are known as BACEs, named after BACE (Bhaktivedanta Academy for Culture and Education). The BACE provides sumptuous Krishna Prasadam as well as hygienic living conditions and facilities for study. They get connected to the students living in the BACE and gradually they make progress in Krishna consciousness. The students do all the household cleaning, purchasing, accounting and other jobs, while simultaneously pursuing their studies and engaging in preaching Krishna consciousness.

HH Navayogendra
Swamiji Maharaj
Srila Prabhupada Lord Chaitanya Lord Krishna
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