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An Introduction
Srila Prabhupada initiated the scheme known as life membership program in the West in 1966. The purpose of inviting people to join as life members is to encourage the majority of people in household life and who cannot serve full time in the temple, though they would like to serve the Lord while in the society, through investing their money in developing spiritual projects. In this way they are valuable assets, assisting the spread the Krishna consciousness. Secondly, life membership has been introduced to fund the printing of transcendental literatures in different languages. Ultimately the purpose for which people join ISKCON life membership program is to develop spiritually and to assist in giving everyone an opportunity of reviving their innate Krishna consciousness and establishing a loving relationship with the Supreme Lord Krishna, as his eternal servant. After joining as a life member, you or your family will be invited to different spiritual programs held throughout the year. In the Hare Krishna temples there are many festivals, big and small, that a member can participate in and get a deeper kind of peace in their lives. Through different festivities, life members have a chance of coming in closer touch with a spiritually healthy place like the temple. By regular interaction with the devotees life members invite devotees to attend organized home programs with Srimad Bhagavatam and Srimad Bhagavad Gita classes, kirtan to associate with them. Thus they are able to develop spiritually. In this way members can serve Lord & at the same time fulfill their worldly duties & at the same time utilize their time in such a way they can experience transcendental joyfulness by rendering service to Sri Krishna and all His devotees.


Privileges :
1. you receive great opportunities to serve Lord Krishna and thus express your gratitude to Him.
2. You receive a centrally issued hologram card with your photo and patron number along with an updated comprehensive list of ISKCON centers around the world.
3. You are welcome to stay in any ISKCON center all over the world, for three days in a year. All accommodation is subject to availability and only with confirmed advance reservation. This applies to accommodation in a single room of the patron, spouse and children, and dependent parents.
4. Patron's members are welcome to avail for three days per year, prasadam in every ISKCON center.
5 .All donations are tax exempted under section 80G in India only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I become a Life patron member?
Just submit the prescribed application form along with your donation and three stamp sized colour photos of yourself. You can expect your card to arrive within three months.
2. How much is the donation for ISKCON Life patronship, as of now?
If you opt for life patron membership with a full set of SrimadBhagavatam literature, it is Rs. 25,555/-. Otherwise it is Rs. 21,111/-.
3. When do I become eligible to receive the privileges?
After your entire payment is received and credited in the ISKCON bank account, you will receive your gift pack. You are eligible for the prescribed accommodation facility only after you get your patron membership card.
4. How can I donate?
You can always donate through cash, demand draft, cheque, credit card or via bank transfer. Cheques and bank transfer should be in the name of ISKCON.
5. Can I donate in installments?
Donors incapable of submitting the entire donation at a time can provide postdated cheques for the entire amount clearable within 4months.
6. Can I transfer my patron membership card to someone else?
No. Nor can you transfer the membership from branch of ISKCON to another.
7. I would like to stay at ISKCON Center. What should I do?
You can directly contact any ISKCON center and confirm your accommodation through phone or email. You will need to provide your card number and other relevant details pertaining to your accommodation.

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